Essay on Gillette and Schick: The Difference Is in the Details

Essay on Gillette and Schick: The Difference Is in the Details

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In the United States, marketing and advertising is a multi-billion dollar industry with no intention of slowing down. It is no surprise companies strategically target particular audiences through print advertisements such as magazines and newspapers. Gillette and Schick are two companies that produce similar products: razors. Although their products are almost one in the same, their advertising tactics are completely different. Gillette relies heavily on the connection between its new product and the words “The Regent” to appeal to a wealthy, achiever labeled audience. On the other hand, Schick uses subliminal messaging to lure in younger, trendier woman to buy their product.
First, the simple Gillette advertisement relies on historical knowledge of the company to target an audience of sophisticated, wealthy achievers. The phrase “May we suggest The Regent, Sir” is creatively framing the black and white gentleman in the advertisement, thus bringing reader's attention to the man's formal wear and French-style handlebar mustache. These two things give the impression to the reader that the man is wealthy and that Gillette has a reputation of providing products to wealthy individuals. Next, the tan color palate of the advertisement reflects upon an older time period. Instead of using bright neon colors, Gillette decided to use a color tone that was more suited for an older and more sophisticated audience. In addition, the Regent was a top of the line shaver used by many wealthy, upper-class men years ago. Senators, actors and successful business men would have all been users of the razor. Gillette uses past knowledge to connect the Regent razor to the new product in hopes the targeted audience will find the same satisfaction. Next, ...

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...flect the colors that are trending in today's culture. Overall, the blurred background persuades young women who want to feel good just as much as the woman in the advertisement.
Overall, Gillette and Schick use two completely different advertising strategies to attract two separate audiences. While both advertisements are esthetically pleasing, there are far deeper meanings to be understood. Higher level analysis is needed in almost every advertisement in today's culture. Advertising firms are constantly testing new techniques to lure in more customers and appeal to more people. Everything in an advertisement is specifically placed for a reason and it is up to the reader to uncover its true meaning.

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