Gilgamesh : The Epic Of Gilgamesh Essay

Gilgamesh : The Epic Of Gilgamesh Essay

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Gilgamesh, without Enkidu, is like fire without oxygen. Enkidu is needed by Gilgamesh in order to flourish; not being able to survive long without his sidekick. Both men were created, by the God’s, for each other. They were built to be together and work off each other’s strengths, being able to accomplish great things together. Without Godly intervention, the two may have gone unmatched and never met their other half. The question is: would the story, The Epic of Gilgamesh, have the same outcome without Enkidu and what would become of Gilgamesh.
Gilgamesh is the king of Uruk, one who is macho, irresponsible, and simply not fit to be in the position that his blood status has put him in. His decisions are constantly making the people of Uruk very upset, forcing them to pray to the God’s for help. The God’s decided that someone of equal strength, both physical and mental, needed to be created to contrast and control Gilgamesh. Thus, they created Enkidu, a wild man who was raised by wolves in the Steppe outside Uruk. When he finally is tamed and brought to Gilgamesh, it doesn’t take long for them to become friends (after several days of fighting and wrestling). From this point on, Enkidu is Gilgamesh’s voice of reason and loyal companion. Had the God’s decided to take a different route or leave Gilgamesh to his fate altogether, the story would have been entirely different. So different, in fact, that Gilgamesh may not have lived to see the end of it.
The first major difference, without Enkidu, would be that Gilgamesh would have gone into the chamber with the newlywed woman and engaged in sexual intercourse with her. Without Enkidu there, there was no one to tell him this was wrong. Gilgamesh may also have never been compelled to g...

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... get a better leader to rule the city properly. It is already known that Gilgamesh would be incapable of ruling responsibly, so conceivably, he would be replaced. The wall, that Gilgamesh had built, may not have been built either. Uruk needed the materials that were taken from the Cedar Forest in order to build it. The city could have been taken or destroyed by its enemies or subject to attacks from animals. The wealth from the forest would not have been received and they could simply die out as a group, due to lack of resources. The God’s could’ve destroyed the city, under Gilgamesh’s rule, to stop him versus sending him Enkidu. The possibilities are endless. Without Enkidu, Uruk and Gilgamesh wouldn’t have survived. Not having this friendship, conflicts and all, would’ve resulted in disastrous consequences. The Epic of Gilgamesh would have no story without Enkidu.

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