Essay about The Gilded Age By Mark Twain

Essay about The Gilded Age By Mark Twain

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The Gilded Age in the United States took place is the late 19th century, from 1879 to 1899. The term for this period came into use during the 1920s and 30s. Consequential from writer Mark Twain 's 1873 The Gilded Age: A Tale of Today, it ridiculed an era of serious social problems masked by a thin gold gilding. These were the years that America challenged the implications of modernization. Old America was fading and new America was emerging transitioning America to be dynamic, captivating, and energetic. Crimes during this period began to rise. The rise in criminal activity was tied to issues of political corruption, urbanization, mass immigration, and economic rivalry among many immigrant groups. Although murders and homicides began to decrease, they were beginning to rise in big cities (A History of Crime and Criminal Justice in America, Oliver, Chp. 9). One crime during the Gilded Age that has influenced decisions today is the rule of murder and an insanity plea, as to whether or not inmates should be placed in prison for committing violent acts or seek treatment.
An insanity ruling that placed an individual in a mental institution rather than prison due to violent acts was the case of Fannie Korn. Fannie Korn age thirty-nine was found guilty of murder by judge Frederick Smyth Friday, July 28, 1893. Korn reported having a dreadful pain in her head causing her to lose sleep and her appetite as well as having her believe she was going insane. Worried something serious (death) would happen to her, Korn dreaded leaving her children behind, Florence age five and Edwin age eleven. Since Korn believed she was going insane and did not want to leave them behind she attempted to kill both herself and her children. Korn gave both her c...

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...ells people are more aware of different mental illnesses. Back in the gilded age, doctors were not aware of the many mental illnesses we are familiar with today. People (the jury) are more understanding in court when someone pleas an insanity defense. They show more compassion and leniency for the person to seek treatment.
Crime during the Gilded Age which has influenced decisions today is the rule of murder and an insanity plea, as to whether or not inmates should be placed in prison for committing violent acts or seek treatment. James Gilligan and Samantha Pegg both support that a person who commits a violent act upon being on an insanity defense should seek treatment and not be confined to prison. The progression of the insanity defense has changed based upon new rulings and reforms upon treating the mentally ill and they will continue changing within years.

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