Essay on Giger And Davidhizar 's Model Of Transcultural Nursing

Essay on Giger And Davidhizar 's Model Of Transcultural Nursing

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Giger and Davidhizar 's Model of Transcultural Nursing
Having cultural awareness, cultural sensitivity and cultural competence is very relevant as a professional nurse. There are many different models used for cultural assessments that were created by nurses. The Giger and Davidhizar’s Model of transcultural nursing outlines six factors that is useful in cultural assessment. This Model centers on patient’s health beliefs and health traditions. There is key information needed to perform an adequate cultural assessment in diverse cultures. There are diverse cultures and ethnicities found in my local community. The Russian community is prevenient in my community and has their own beliefs, health issues and health behaviors.
The Transcultural Assessment Model, developed by Giger and Davidhizar (2006), focuses on assessment and intervention from a transcultural nursing perspective. In this model, the person is seen as a unique cultural being influenced by culture, ethnicity, and
Religion. This model is comprised of six different main ideas, theses key points are part of all cultural groups. The first point is communication. The features that influence communication are worldwide; these features differ between cultures regarding nonverbal communication, voice quality and articulation. The second factor is space, the views of space varies in each culture. Each culture has divers views on space regarding public, personal and intimate space. The third factor of Giger and Davidhizar’s Model is social orientation. Each culture has their own beliefs on social orientation in regards to work, religion, family role and friends. The fourth factor that plays into this model is time. Time is observed, measured and appreciated differently wit...

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...cellent care to a diverse population. Cultural competence is relevant in order to be able to give outstanding care as a professional nurse.
Giger and Davidhizar (2004) state that although all cultures are not the same, they share the same basic organizational factors: environmental control, biologic variations, social organization, communication, space, and time orientation. In order to achieve cultural competency as a professional nurse the nurse must have cultural awareness and be culturally sensitive. In regards to the attached case study communication plays a very large factor in caring for this child. Language barrier is an obstacle in nursing and it is always imperative to use a certified medical interpreter when there is any type of barrier in communication. Education, awareness and sensitivity all play a very large role in the pursuit of culture competency.

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