The Giant Panda Express Analysis Essay

The Giant Panda Express Analysis Essay

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Briahna Bishop
March 28, 2016
Dr. Zeng
M/W 8:00 a.m

The Giant Panda Express
The Giant Panda (Ailuropoda melanoleuca) is a beloved creature known to the world. However, it is also a creature that is critically endangered and faces extinction. As human advancements obliterate the habitats and influence the lifestyle of the Giant Panda, research is conducted to uncover the cause of the Giant Panda’s current predicament and to improve the methods of conservation to save the Giant Panda. Information gained by researching the Giant Panda and its behaviors would help scientists and conservationists discover just what is hurting the Giant Panda, and what people can do to stop the Giant Panda’s population from decreasing.

Habitat, a word that is constantly mentioned when one talks about an animal, yet no one is quite sure just what the word actually means. Habitat is a spatial unit that can be occupied by an individual animal, no matter how briefly (Liu, Skidmore, Wang, Yong and Prins 1623). The process by which the Giant Panda chose its habitat was known as the habitat selection process. The bear would first choose their habitat based on geographic region, then on the home range in the geographic region, and lastly for a habitat within the home range (Liu, Toxopeus et al. 1623). The Giant Panda can be found in Southwest China (Gansu, Shaanxi and Sichuan province).

The Giant Panda is a solitary creature, with a population of less than 1,600 left in the wild (Overview). The animal’s key diet is one to two year old bamboo stems (Liu, Toxopeus et al. 1623). For a typical Giant Panda, the male’s age of maturity is four to five years old, while a female’s age of maturity is three to five years old (Zhou and Pan 365). Due to its low popul...

... middle of paper ... fairly stable and would persist for at least 200 more years. Also if the environmental capacity (the number of animals that the environment is able to support) doubles then the population would also increase. That was also the case if immigration increased. However, if emigration increased, then the population would decrease. This study had shown that to increase the population, one needed to increase the environmental carrying capacity so that more Giant Pandas could live in the same area.
The Giant Panda is an animal that is faced with the threat of extinction. However, due to the efforts of different scientists and conservationists, there is a chance for us to bring the animal’s population up, so that it no longer belongs on the IUCN red list. By preserving the current population, and conserving natural habitats, the future for the Giant Panda is very positive.

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