Essay on The Ghost Of Hamlet By William Shakespeare

Essay on The Ghost Of Hamlet By William Shakespeare

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Hamlet was a very deep and emotional story that was filled with murder, death, and other crazy events. The story also has a supernatural perspective to it, this will be shown throughout the story. One of the supernatural events was Hamlet’s ghost father, the ghost father could be interrupted in many ways. From one perspective it can be seen as the ghost of Hamlet’s father that came to deliver an important message. The message of which was the truth behind his death and that Claudius was the assassin. However, another perspective was that Hamlet was indeed going mad, and the ghost was nothing more than a phantom of his subconscious mind. This theory would be supported by the fact of Hamlet was the only person who could see the ghost.
The ghost appeared during the argument hamlet was having with his mother and gave him advise, the ghost said “Do not forget. This visitation is but to whet thy almost blunted purpose. But look, amazement on thy mother sits.”(Delbanco) This quote shows that the ghost was there to support Hamlet and guide him through the journey of revealing the truth behind Hamlet’s father’s death. Either way the ghost was there to help Hamlet, and if the ghost was real or not is irrelevant to the story. What was important to the story was the information the ghost provided hamlet, without this information hamlet would have never known Claudius killed his father. That would have greatly changed the story, if the ghost was not there Hamlet would have never set up the play to catch Claudius guilt. Hamlet would also have not killed the man behind the curtain as well, the only reason he killed the man was because he thought it was Claudius. With logic like this, Hamlet should in jail for his actions. Hamlet in the story is...

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...d to kill the royal family was unexpected. Hamlet conducted a fencing match, the blade of his opponent was poisoned. Also the wine was poisoned as well, this was all planned out by Claudius. Claudius was dedicated to ending Hamlet, Claudius knew that Hamlet was his biggest threat. Killing Hamlet was Claudius’s only way out, one or both of them had to die. Hamlet foolishly walked into Claudius’s trap, Hamlet’s mother drank the wine instead of Hamlet. This was a tactical error made by Claudius, once his plan was started there was no way back. Once Hamlet’s mother died they knew that poison was being used, Hamlet knew Claudius was responsible and Hamlet killed him with the poisoned blade. The same blade that ended Hamlets life, this one blade was able to slay both of them. Claudius and his plan fell apart quickly, Claudius only cared about himself which is why he died.

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