The, Ghost Of A Flea And Indian Woman 's Death Song Essay

The, Ghost Of A Flea And Indian Woman 's Death Song Essay

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Romanticism was the movement which challenged the norms and status quo of the day, built upon individual experience and placing an emphasis on human expression and emotion. Texts from the Romantic period were focused on the philosophical enquiry of societal views and perceptions to a great extent. Summarised by David Blayney Brown’s quote, Romantic texts explored a variety of perceptions, paradigms and paradoxes with each text being unique yet interconnected. This interconnection occurs through similar perceptions and paradoxes being shared across texts, making them common to the Romanic movement. Romantic texts include Frost at Midnight and Rime of the Ancient Mariner (both by Samuel Taylor Coleridge), Frankenstein (Mary Shelley), Ghost of a Flea (William Blake) and Indian Woman’s Death-Song (Felicia Hemans). Each text reflects a different aspect of Blayney Brown’s quote and when put together the four texts encompass the ideas and values the quote is reflecting.
Romantics produced texts which were humble and natural rather than sophisticated. These texts shifted the art world’s audience from upper class, highly educated individuals to the common people. Humble texts with simpler ideas, celebrating the common person became more common and dominant in Romantic texts. ‘Frost at Midnight’, by Samuel Taylor Coleridge is a humble, reflective text regarding a persona, alone in their home reflecting on their life and the life they want for their sleeping child. ‘Frost at Midnight’ is a humble text as it is focused on one person, in a small unknown village. The persona is not depicted as someone of great social class or status, rather a common worker or villager. Coleridge’s description of the home as being surrounded by ‘sea, hill and wo...

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...exts however the composers chose to use Gothicism as an inspiration to effectively convey the sorrow, fear and suffering in their piece. This is evident in Ghost of a Flea and Frankenstein by William Blake and Mary Shelley respectively.
Combining the texts Frost at Midnight and Rime of the Ancient Mariner (both by Samuel Taylor Coleridge), Frankenstein (Mary Shelley), Ghost of a Flea (William Blake) and Indian Woman’s Death-Song (Felicia Hemans) the quote by David Blayney Brown is fully realised and described. The texts individually encompass separate ideas and values of the statement and when put together envelop the whole statement. The ideas of sorrow, fear, emotion over reason, individual experience and humility are reflected in both the selected texts and the quote by David Blayney Brown, with each further reflecting an aspect and characteristic of Romanticism.

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