Ghost Dance, A Religious Revitalization Campaign Reminiscent Of Pan Indian Movements

Ghost Dance, A Religious Revitalization Campaign Reminiscent Of Pan Indian Movements

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1.Ghost Dance- Ghost Dance was a religious revitalization campaign reminiscent of the
pan-Indian movements led by earlier prophets like Neolin and Tenskwatawa. These
dances were large events where people would gather days in advance and practice their
ancestral customs of dancing, singing, and religious observation. However, these
practices instilled a fear in the government of an uprising. In 1890, an open fire at
Wounded Knee killed 150 to 200 Ghost Dancers.
2.Social Gospel- Social Gospel was preached by liberal protestant clergymen in the late
nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. It advocated the application of Christian
principles to social problems generated by industrialization. The Social Gospel
movement was an effort to reform protestant churches by establishing missions and relief
programs in urban areas. By doing so, the church made urban areas more attentive to the
problems in society.
3. Dawes Act- ​
The Dawes Act was a law passed in 1887 meant to encourage adoption of
white norms among Indians. The Dawes Act broke trial holdings into small farms for
Indian families, leaving the rest sold to white purchasers. This policy benefitted only
whites, due to a loss of tribal lands and Indian cultural traditions for the Native
4. “bonanza farms”- ​
The Middle Border required large-scale irrigation projects before
development could occur. Family farms could not do all the work needed on irrigated
farms, which led to the creation of “bonanza farms.” ​
Bonanza farms were very large
farms in the United States performing large-scale operations, mostly growing and
harvesting wheat. They covered thousands of acres and employed many. However,
family farms still dominated the trans-Mississippi West.

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worked during this time period, but unlike white women, the blacks were mainly
domestic servants. For black men, the work force was also majorly divided among
races. Black men were not allowed to serve in supervisory positions including
factories, workshops, and white-collar jobs. Inequality among the races was
present in other societal norms such as voting. Political opportunities for African

Americans became more and more restricted. The restrictions continued until the
late 1800’s and early 1900’s when black voting was eliminated completely.
Violence was also prevalent among African Americans during this time. Blacks
who chose to challenge the system or refused to accept the demeaning behavior of
whites, faced the threat of violence. Every year from 1883-1905, more than fifty
people were lynched in the South. The majority of these 50 being African
American men.

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