Ghettos in the Holocaust: The Badge of Shame Essay

Ghettos in the Holocaust: The Badge of Shame Essay

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"I would sit in our apartment, and I would see the Polish children across the street bringing milk back home. It was like watching people in a storybook-we had no food, no milk..." These words of Nelly Cesana, a survivor of the Warsaw ghetto, are just a slight insight to the torture and neglect that Jews endured while living at the ghettos of the Holocaust.
The concept of separation of people by religion actually began in the Middle Ages. By the time the Nazis came to power, the ghettos were no longer in use, but the Nazis revived the idea of separation by religion. The Nazis wanted the Jews separated from the rest of the population, allowing them to practice their religion without impacting the rest of the population (Wood 58-59).

While living in the ghettos, Jews lived very different lives, experiencing limited types of social interactions, poor living conditions, malnutrition, and horrible health problems.
While living in the confined spaces of the ghettos, Jews lived extremely different lives than they were ever used to. Jews ages 12 years old and over living within the walls of the ghettos were required to wear blue and white armbands more commonly known as "The Badge of Shame". These armbands were used to humiliate the Jews and to isolate them from the Polish ("Everyday Life in the Ghettos 6/7").
Praying and praising: Jewish worship continued in the ghettos and was even more intense during the Holocaust, despite (or perhaps because of) the fact that the Nazis forbade it. Many, like those studying Jewish texts in the Krakow ghetto, made huge sacrifices to practice their religion, running the risk of being caught. (Wood 67)

Schools and orphanages were run by the Judenraete (Wood 65). The Judenraete were Jewish co...

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...ghettos were just a start to the mass amounts of torture that the Jews endured during the Holocaust.

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