Essay about The Gettysburg Address : The Civil War

Essay about The Gettysburg Address : The Civil War

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The Gettysburg Address
The Civil War was one of the bloodiest and deadliest conflicts in U.S History. In Gettysburg there were three consecutive days in July, were the most soldiers were hurt. There were a total of 51,000 soldiers who were missing, wounded, or dead (Goodheart 1). There was no place to bury all the dead. There were about 7,000 bodies of the soldiers left in the battlefield. Some were buried in shallow graves and had very little identification (Goodheart 1). With the heat and rain the town started to smell like decaying animals mixed with the odor of human bodies (Borrit 5). The governor decided to make a National Cemetery were all of the dead soldiers would have a place to be honored. This is where one of the famous addresses of President Abraham Lincoln would take place. His speech was short and to the point. For many years, historians have been trying to determine President Abraham Lincoln’s intent when giving his address.
After the battle, the town of Gettysburg slowly started to go back to normal (Borritt 36). When Governor Andrew Curtin went to Gettysburg he was shocked at what he saw. Some bodies were barely covered in dirt. Wild animals, dogs, and hogs were digging up body parts and human bones were scattered throughout the battlefield (Borrit 36). Mr. Curtin appointed a young lawyer by the name of David Wills to find a place for all of these soldiers to be properly buried. Mr. Wills proposed to make a National Cemetery for all these soldiers, and his proposition won.
After the new cemetery was finished, and all the bodies of the soldiers had their proper burial, the town would have a ceremony dedicated to all the men who died. The date established for this ceremony was set to take place in mid Octob...

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... the country’s unfolding history. The speech recast was as a struggle for something larger than the country over which it was fought”(1). As there are many different opinions on Presidents Lincoln intent regarding this address, at the end they all seem to have some connection based on how it is interpreted.
Furthermore, the Gettysburg Address can be interpreted differently based on the generation analyzing it. My interpretation of the speech was that President Lincoln was dedicating and acknowledging the soldiers who died for a great cause. He dedicated the National Cemetery to the fallen soldiers, and honored them with a proper burial. President Lincoln also states how the world will always remember what the soldiers did for the people who had survived. He is holding accountable the people, to finish what was started, since this war would lead to a new beginning.

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