The Gettysburg Address By Abraham Lincoln Essay

The Gettysburg Address By Abraham Lincoln Essay

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In “The Gettysburg Address,” Abraham Lincoln reminds the nation of what they are fighting for. A reverent Lincoln commemorates the lives that were lost at the Gettysburg battle while using it as a cue of why the war is taking place. In a speech like no other, given on the site of one of the bloodiest battlefields of the Civil War in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, the 16th President of the United States reflects the utter freedom and equality the nation was raised upon. This speech is commemorated as one of the greatest speeches in American history because of its impact upon the nation in only a short two minutes of length. With no invitation to the memorable event until the last minute and surrounded by negative energy from the American people, Lincoln was able to enchant the multitude with his words of rhetoric. The Gettysburg Address is the epitome of rhetoric because of the President’s use of ethos, logos, and pathos reasoning that impacted the lives of millions of Americans through his persuasion of unifying the nation.
Throughout the speech, Lincoln develops a strong appeal of ethos which makes him credible and trustworthy. Trust is needed for him because of the chaos the country is in; a nation divided because of unspeakable acts of slavery and inequality. As an authority figure and an honorable man, it was not hard for him to persuade the American people. The fact that Lincoln is the President of the “home of the brave” speaks for itself as ethos because of his authority as the leader of the country ("The Star Spangled Banner Lyrics"). The eloquence of the speech’s diction serves as a reminder to the nation that he was a respectable man. Words like “hallow,” “dedicated,” “devotion,” “nobly,” and “honored,” contribute to his ove...

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... a year and a few months after Lincoln’s address, the Confederate surrendered to the Union, finally ending the tragic Civil War. Lincoln’s persuasion accented by ethos, logos, and pathos reminded the American citizens that fighting for the freedom the United States was raised upon is absolutely necessary. Lincoln encourages his audience by employing the use of rhetorical techniques. Lincoln’s strong ethos sways Americans to believe that he is a credible person and a leader. His logos supported with allusions and parallelism provide his American audience with a clearer logic of why they need to keep fighting for the nation. Finally, his deliberate expression of emotions provides the pathos needed to make the Americans reconsider their hatred toward the Civil War. This speech has stood the test of time and lives forever in the hearts and minds of the American people.

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