Getting You Know Your Peers Essay

Getting You Know Your Peers Essay

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Getting to Know Your Peers
Courtney, Reagon, and Amber are three bright, ambitious young women, whom I just met, in my class. Each of these women possesses their own unique set of interests, qualities, and achievements.
Courtney Stevens has an athletic flair to her hobbies and accomplishments up to this present time. In addition to her hobbies and accomplishments, Courtney also has an ambitious goal she is working towards. With regard to Courtney’s hobbies, she enjoys playing volleyball during her down time. Courtney began playing volleyball in her first years of high school for Lake Hamilton. She then became one of their best players in their many years of having volleyball. Courtney was the tallest player on her senior team, giving her the advantage to strike the ball onto the other team! During this time she was the middle blocker/hitter throughout her whole high school volleyball career. Courtney Stevens absolutely adores being outdoors; from kayaking, to hiking, to camping, she is always outdoors! When Courtney has the time, and the weather is conducive, she loads up and goes kayaking on our small, but beautiful, Arkansas rivers with her family and close friends. Courtney would much rather be camping on Lake Catherine during her vacation than at a crowded beach! While camping, Courtney enjoys taking long relaxing hikes to relieve stress and enjoy the wonderful creations of nature.
In addition, to Courtney’s hobbies, she achieved many accomplishments in high school. Both athletics and academics were very important to her while in high school. Courtney was a member of the Lady Wolves at Lake Hamilton high school. While included in her high school volleyball team, Courtney received the all-conference volleyball award for bein...

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...d to get married. Amber would like to find her soulmate. She imagines her soulmate to be a man who puts God before everything, and to love her children as his own. She wants a man who will talk to God about her, to pray for her, and pray with her. Amber would also like for her and her soulmate to have a child together. She wants her dream wedding to be at her family 's church, and for the honeymoon to be on the island of Bora-Bora.
In conclusion, Courtney, Reagon, and Amber have an array of interesting qualities, several accomplishments for such young women just beginning to build their adult life, and achievable goals that can be reached with hard work and determination. All three ladies possess the necessary drive and commitment it will take for each of them to complete their academic journey which will, in turn, assist them in reaching their individual life goals

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