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Getting Sick As A Child Essay

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Take a moment to reflect on getting sick as a child. You woke up one morning to discover a painful, swollen throat accompanied by a pounding head that felt like it was “on fire”. When you alert your parents of your unfortunate discovery, what actions are taken from there? Does your mom call the school, informing them of your excused absence? Does she immediately schedule a doctor’s appointment consisting of a diagnosis of “strep throat” and a prescription for antibiotics? When you got home, were you given a hearty bowl of chicken noodle soup and instructed to “rest up”? Now, imagine you were in a different setting. When you tell your parents you’re sick, does your dad tell you to pretend it’s not there and it’ll pass in a few days? Refuse to take you to get medical attention because you can’t afford health insurance? Does he send you off to school because he can’t afford to take a day off from his construction job to babysit you at home? And does your nutritional diet to fight off the sickness consist of a happy meal from McDonald’s? In both scenarios, each child is suffering from the exact same symptoms of strep throat. However, what determined the two very different approaches? Social factors are elements that distinguish major differences between groups of people in a given society (Armenakis, Keifer, 2007). Various social factors can include education level, income/occupation, ethnicity/race, religion, etc. Throughout this essay, I will explain the causes, effects and necessary actions that should be taken to improve the impact that society has on health.
“Life at the Top in America Isn’t Just Better, It’s Longer” has taught us how convenient or grueling it could be to deal with a medical emergency such as a heart attack dep...

... middle of paper ... to a disease. Basically, just because you are healthy now does not mean you will remain that way without taking necessary precautions. Some people feel an individualist approach is more important than a societal approach and vice versa. However, I feel they are completely correlated and one cannot exist without the other. Societal approaches work to educate and inspire people to make health changes, but these changes will never be made unless the individualist approach comes into play and people are able to put their newfound awareness to use in their own lives. Health promotion, disease prevention, health education and health policy are just a few examples of various societal approaches. Thanks to medical sociology, the future of our health has been placed in our hands. It is now up to us to use the knowledge given to us and help contribute in raising awareness.

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