Essay on Getting Rid Of The Gun Free Zones On College Campuses

Essay on Getting Rid Of The Gun Free Zones On College Campuses

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Is getting rid of the gun-free zones on college campuses the smart thing to do? allowing students with a proper license, to carry a loaded gun around with them. The Eight states in the U.S. that allow concealed carry on campus seem to think so. There are many people who have strong feelings, for and against allowing students on college campuses the right to carry a concealed weapon.
A major concern against this right is for the overall safety of the students. Evan Defilippis, who is against guns on college campuses, claims allowing students to have guns will only increase the possibility of accidents. In Defilippis’s article, “The Numbers on Arming College Students Show Risks Outweigh Benefits” he uses research to prove why,: “On May 3rd, 2013, a student at the University of Southern Mississippi accidentally shot himself while sitting in a car on campus.” (Defilippis) Another event that could have been prevented: “On September 3rd, 2014, a professor at Idaho State University accidentally shot himself in the foot in the middle of class. Idaho had allowed campus carry only two months before.” (Defilippis) Guns are dangerous, no matter your training, Defilippis states, and even trained professionals have accidents with guns, “the average student or professor carrying a firearm would unlikely fare better.” (Defilippis) college is already rife with risk factors, including drugs, alcohol and academic pressures. Adding guns to that mix is dangerous and irresponsible stated Defilippis. The overall take is that guns have the possibility to do more harm than good, and allowing them will cause more accidents.

In contrast, many believe allowing the right to carry a gun on campus is smart and decrease violence. Based off of Jason Russel...

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...t with metal detectors and armed guards, making it more of a challenge for the gunman. The second suggestion is to limit media coverage of mass shootings, “potential shooters recognize that they won’t become famous postmortem” (Nedzel) If it were prohibited to have intensive media coverage, glorifying the shooter, the shooter might be discouraged, because he will not receive the postmortem fame he or she craves. The third and final solution is to simply get rid of the gun-free zones, because the potential shooter would not know who else is carrying a gun.
The allowance of students to carry guns on campus is pretty sticky. There are very good arguments both for and against. I believe it is too early to tell what the right thing to do is. Each state has their right to do as they please, but at this moment in time I believe there is no right answer to this argument.

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