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Getting Ready for Halloween Essay

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It’s that time of year again to play dress up with your kids. It’s also time to decorate with Jack ‘O Lanterns. How is it that you carve a pumpkin with kids though? Do you simply throw them on the bare table with knives? I am going to explain to you the process of carving pumpkins with kids. First, you need a few supplies: pumpkins, newspaper, safety carving tools (or carving kits work too), and a giant bowl. I say a giant bowl because we carve four pumpkins at a time; however, you can use a smaller bowl dependent on the size and quantity of your pumpkins. Second, you need a plan of action. Last but not least, you need a little creativity and a little leniency to get just a bit messy.
To begin the process of carving a pumpkin first you need to gather all your supplies. I don’t help the kids pick their pumpkins that’s grandma’s job. So when they get home from the pumpkin patch we wash the outside of our pumpkins and let them dry overnight. I usually pick up a carving book with tools while I am out grocery shopping. Then, the newspaper… this is kind of difficult for some because not ...

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