Essay on Getting Latino And Black Parents Of Young Children

Essay on Getting Latino And Black Parents Of Young Children

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The article I chose was on this concept of getting Latino and Black parents of young children more involved in their education. For many years, programs have shown the importance of parents being involved in their child’s education. Parents play a vital role in their child’s education before they are in school, especially in cases of Oral Language. However, these parents need access to these programs in order for them to work, but there are many obstacles that these parents face that inhibit them from engaging in their child’s education. This article discusses how parenting programs are less likely to provide benefits for parents and families from ethnically-diverse backgrounds (Moodie, 2014). A researcher, Breitenstein, found that ethnic minority parents are less likely to be a part of these programs when offered than white parents (Moodie, 2015). Therefore, it is necessary that programs become more culturally-relevant, so that these obstacles aren’t a problem. The obstacles are “structural” meaning “lack of time and needing transportation”,“attitudinal” meaning “perceptions of the value of services and beliefs about practitioners”, and finally cultural meaning “mismatch in cultural beliefs between practitioners and parents.” (Moodie, 2014). In order to combat these obstacles parent programs need to be culturally sensitive to their characteristics of a particular target audience, such as Latino families. Teachers or whoever is leading these programs also need to have some strategies that will address the cultural barriers to engaging in their child’s education; this involves being culturally sensitive in program designs. Finally, changing the services a program offers so that it aligns with the needs, values and goals of that pa...

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... A parent program should be modeled after what the parents need and want, especially when they are your target audience. In one program that the article mentioned, ParentCorps, they created a 13-week program where the first few meetings are focused on parents speaking about their cultures and how it influences their parenting. I think that this is a huge step forward in beginning to understand what parents from diverse culturally and ethnically families value or think about their child’s education and their involvement in it. As future educators is is our job to make sure that these parents are understood and feel welcomed into the school that their child attends. Just as we should be culturally sensitive of our students’ backgrounds, the same can be said for the parents of those students. After all, they play a vital role in their child’s education and development.

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