Getting into a Fraternity or Sorority Essay

Getting into a Fraternity or Sorority Essay

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College is something everyone dreams about while in high school. It may seem fun and exciting, but there is a tremendous number of mistakes that can happen. For instance, imagine someone has just been accepted into college, and it is her first day. She thought it was a dream to be in a sorority, but in reality it was a nightmare. After a week, she knows “Hell Week” is coming, but she wants shake everything off, and think everything is going well and the other members will accept her with no hesitation. Today is a lazy day, and she is just sitting in her dorm watching television, and out of nowhere, she was blindfolded and thrown into a car. Her fellow frat members start to beat her with random objects, and they say harsh words to break her down. This ritual is only one example of the practice known as hazing. Although, hazing may seem like a tradition, and start out as having just a little fun, it can quickly intensify and become dangerous or even fatal.
As a teenager, most of them often talk about getting into a fraternity or a sorority. In movies and maybe even someone you know might have a friend in a fraternity or sorority, and they make everything seem like fun, but the worse part of trying to get into these groups is the pledging. Everyone must pledge to officially be one of the groups they are trying to join, and often you will get hazed. What is hazing? Hazing is when a ritual of some type that requires individuals to participate in activities that make you stress physically and psychologically. (Hazing).
Hazing has been around for centuries, but it has been getting worse every year. Never think that someone is not at risk for hazing, everyone can become victim to this act. Hazing does not only occur in colleges, bu...

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