Essay on Getting Inside The Living Room

Essay on Getting Inside The Living Room

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Stepping inside the living room, Rob found his dad watching TV alone. Without taking his eyes away from the screen, he asked, "Where were you? Your mom is worried."
He looked up, waiting for his son 's reply, but upon seeing another person standing by his side, his expression turned to one of surprise. Seeing his mom step into the room, Rob said, "Mom, dad, this is Jane."
"Hi!" Jane greeted them in a soft voice.
Mary joined Dave in this short stroll through Surpriseville, and after a moment 's pause and silent but detailed scrutiny of her appearance and demeanor, they greeted her as though she passed their examinations with distinction. "Hi Jane! Come in.", they said in unison, with genuine warmth.
Seeing his dad 's expression change from one of surprise to one of his amused expressions was both a relief and a worry for Rob. Knowing quite well his dad 's antics with new guests, he quickly said like one dodging a bullet, "Mom, could you please tend to her? She slipped on the sands and fell."
"Come, let me take a look at it." She took Jane 's hands and guided her to the couch. "Son, get me the first-aid box."
"Just sit there.", she told Jane, and she got up to fetch a bowl of water, leaving Jane alone with Dave, the prankster of the house. Dave always believed that 'the greatest joy of being a father comes not from seeing children grow into adults, but from embarrassing them and their friends whenever they bring them home ', and he strictly adheres to his regime with a soldier 's discipline. Dave 's eyes were not glued to the TV screen anymore but on one far more worthy of the adoration. Someone known to him well enough would have figured by now that nothing short of the work of a genius roaster was a brewing. Jane, unaware of wha...

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... shop, so what if I can 't find it? I intend to buy it, of course."
"No, there 's no need for that. In fact, I have lots and I won 't be able to finish it myself."
Cutting him short, Mary said, "Enough with your questions. It 's rather late. Let Rob drop her home."
"You can stay here tonight.", Anne said.
"I didn 't inform my mom. So, she 'll be worried if I don 't come home, Anne."
"If you could only rub off some of that on Anne."
"Mom!", Jane protested.
"Here 's the key, take her home, son." Dave picked up the key from the bowl and held it out.
"It 's so nice to meet you, Jane. Do, come again.", Mary said.
"What 'come again '? She 'll be bringing barley tea for us. Don 't keep us waiting for too long.", Dave said, with a big warm smile.
"Sure, I will." Jane said, smiling. "Thank you so much... for everything."
"Good night. Drive safe, Rob."
"Good night!"

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