Essay about Getting Down At Their Cell Phone

Essay about Getting Down At Their Cell Phone

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Nine out of ten people you see nowadays are either looking down at their cell phone, scrolling through their social media feed or talking with someone. This is because technology is everywhere. This advanced technology has completely changed the way we communicate. It’s changed just about everything about us to the way we interact with one another. Now, the question is, how has this been affecting the way we communicate with each other? For the most part, verbal communication has gone from face to face contact to technological contact in such a short period of time. Most teenagers nowadays would rather communicate through technology than to have a normal face to face conversation. This has caused a decline teens grammatical and writing skills.

We live in a world that is much different than the one our parents lived in. This new era is much modern and even this new technology can produce bad effects. You see a lot of kids’ texting and on Instagram during class instead of paying attention which causes them to get bad grades. According to a study by the London School of Economics, “Schools that ban students from carrying phones see a clear improvement in their test scores” Teenagers often use abbreviations like “ttyl” for talk to you later, “u” instead of saying “you”. They have become so used to this writing style that they are used to it and have blurred the lines between texting to their friends and proper language when writing an essay or in class assignments. This comes naturally to them without them even realizing it. Recently, a new study by found that as students indulge in texting more and more, their grammar is affected badly. In the study, the usage of a cell phone was highest among the age group of 1...

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... do is use it in a way that will benefit us not the other way around. We have seen how it has been affecting many people. It’s like we are slaves of our own technology. Most of us have become addicted to texting instead of face to face communication and this has affected our social skills. The way we socialize with others. Our grammar has had a decrease because we have become so used to this writing style that we don’t see a differences between texting our friends and proper language when writing an essay or in class assignments. This has caused many kids to earn bad grades. This is so accurate for the newest generation of teenagers. All they want the latest technology. Parents, help your kid and teach them good social skills. You’re their best role model. But most importantly we need to remind ourselves that balance is important and so are real life conversations.

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