Getting A Sex Change? Essay

Getting A Sex Change? Essay

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Has there ever been a time in your life that you had to make an important choice? The decision wouldn’t just change your life for a short amount of time but for the rest of your life. Every day people go through that struggle. The difficult choice to be who they were meant to be. Not everyone was born who they were meant to be so in a result of that the person would end up getting a sex change. There isn’t many people who could go through with the full operation only some of the thing. Acting like the opposite, dressing like the gender that is desired are the easiest things that a person could do. Getting a change of sex there is a plethora of realizations that have to go into making it happen. A lot of time and dedication but most importantly a good amount of thinking and decision making. Getting a sex change doesn 't happen in a few months, it happens in a couple of years if the person is truly committed into changing who they were when they were born. Sometimes getting a sex change operation isn 't for everyone but only a certain few go through with it. Teenagers think that when they turn eighteen they are going to get the operation done but by time they turn eighteen they realize it was just a phase that they were going through. The surgery isn’t a choice that you can take back after it’s done, what is done is done there is no going back. Some of the people don’t realize there is risks that come along with the change, not just with the surgery. People who choose to undergo a sex change operation should understand the discrimination they will encounter, the dangerous medical risks involved, and the post-surgery transition.
Today society is very harsh and known for judging people and discrimination. If someone doesn’t fit th...

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...d(“Medical”). People who chose to reach the very long goal of have the operation are more than likely aware of the time and patience that they have to put into getting everything changed. All the legals steps to do so also vary in each state(“Understanding”).
Remarkably not everyone has to go through that literally life changing decision. Everyone has to make a big choice from time to time but nothing that major. Everyone should take the time to stop and think about the choices that they are making and thinking about the risk because sometime people don’t tell you all the risks that can happen. Sometimes you have to find out on you own or from other people experiences. Overall a sex change is something that people should be told about. Not find things out on the way because sometimes people aren’t always told about the major things that could happen in the process.

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