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When the Founding Fathers created the United States, they deliberately established it as a republic to eliminate the chaos of a strict democracy. It would allow for an organized debate of the issues since relatively few would speak for hundreds of thousands and pass laws in their name. As long as representatives remain loyal to their constituents, the republic works well. However, it begins to fall apart when self service takes precedence over public service. This is exactly what has happened to the American political system; politicians accept money to fund their next campaign in exchange for political favors, all at the expense of those they were elected to serve. The fall of the republic is upon us and the only solution is reform. Every aspect of our electoral system must be reviewed and revised in order to push big business out, give the voters choices and purify our elected leaders throughout the country.
The 2004 presidential election was the first major election in which I was eligible to vote. I was full of pride and believed my vote would have a profound effect on our future. Studying the candidates during the primaries, I attempted to find who I believed would lead America to its next great milestone. I looked at Democrats, then Republicans and back again but nobody stood out. I remember when I was in grade school and President George H.W. Bush was running for re-election against Bill Clinton. Clinton seemed so cool and full of energy. I wanted him to be our next president and was so excited when he won that election. 12 years later, I wished I had retained that childhood innocence because it would ease the discontent I felt toward the political system. I realized that politicians truly were a dime a doz...

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