Essay Gertrude Jekyll: An Influence Landscape Architect

Essay Gertrude Jekyll: An Influence Landscape Architect

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Gertrude Jekyll,a famous British landscape gardener and craftswoman that dote about thousand of articles.Jekyll is well-known for the wonderful gardens in the nineteenth century(Wallinger,2012).At that time she became one of the premier landscapers of her day.Her work are still preserved well in different cities in Britain and other countries.

This essay will mainly analysis about her design works,her illustration life and her design skills from her inspirations.There are different opinions about her garden design are linked with different theories.Jekyll may be seen as playing a vital role in garden design and landscape architecture.Now she is recognized as the most influential people in the history of designing of today’s garden.It is clearly that Gertrude Jekyll get her ideas from her daily life.In her early life,she got her inspirations from painting and studying,writing design journal diary that finally out as published books.

Jekyll’s early life(1843-66)

Gertrude Jekyll was born in 1843 and died in 1932.from 1843 to 1866,her family moved to Bramley House from their old home Grafton Street home which is near Guildford three miles away.Miss Jekyll had a description about it,’There were some poplars growing on it,and a mess of undergrowth.Some of this fell down and dipped into the water’.The time she spent in Bramley House started her true contact with nature and with countryside people(Massingham.B,1975).Jekyll enjoying natural activities like watching the planing of floorboards;fishing in the canal.Moreover,miss Jekyll was greatly interested in painting,music and Greek art.She was really talented and artistic.

Massingham(1975) mentioned that when she was seventeen,she had become an intelligent...

... middle of paper ...

... interest in her projects and maintaining the feeling of nature.Miss Jekyll is formidable,creatical and her work is simple but never be outmoded in anytime in the world.

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