Essay Gertrude Berg's Life and Accomplishments

Essay Gertrude Berg's Life and Accomplishments

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Gertrude Berg’s life began on October 3, 1899, in New York. Her parents were Dinah and Jacob Edelstien. Gertrude’s parents had no other children after her; therefore, she was an only child (Gertrude Berg). When she was older her father, Jacob, bought the Fliechmann’s abandoned house and they turned it into a hotel (Berg). This was the home of an extremely wealthy family at one time. As a young child, she loved to write and act out the stories she wrote for the guest at the hotel. Unfortunately, her father was unsupportive, and her mother was mentally unstable. Even though she did not necessarily have a stable home life, she did not let that change the way that she was going to be when she got older. Even though her home life was not very supportive, she pressed on to do the best at what her passion was in life. Gertrude Berg was a captivating woman who had a passion for writing, producing, and acting out her heritage of Jewish culture.
Gertrude was always extremely gifted in English but had a difficult time with arithmetic. During grade school, she met a young girl that was her age, and they became good friends. The young girl’s name was Claire, and she was extremely gifted in arithmetic, but she struggled in
English. Being gifted in English, Gertrude did Claire’s homework for that class. Arithmetic being her weak class, Claire returned the favor and did Gertrude’s arithmetic homework. Gertrude later graduated from Wadleigh High school; then she went to Columbia University to finish her education. During her time at the university she took extension courses in playwriting. (Shandler).
When Gertrude was a young girl, she did not like going to school mainly for the reason of how the building looked. “When I first went to it a...

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