Gerrymandering Is A Way For A Political Party Essay

Gerrymandering Is A Way For A Political Party Essay

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Gerrymandering is a way for a political party to keep control of a state by drawing the district lines unevenly. They make sure to keep a majority of the people in the districts are a part of their party, so their party will have more seats in the House of Representatives. This is a big problem because in most districts, there is no way for the minority party to win in those districts.
The practice of Gerrymandering started in 1812, with the governor of Massachusetts, Elbridge Gerry. In this year, he signed a bill to redistrict Massachusetts so that most of the districts would favor his own party. Gerrymandering is called what it is because it is a mix of the governor’s name and the word salamander, because one of the districts in Massachusetts that was created looked like the amphibian.
Every ten years in the United States, the census is distributed to all people living in the country. The census is used to count population, learn information about the population, and can allow a state to be able to apply for more federal funding for things like education and helping the poor and homeless. The number of districts in a state is determined by the population, one district per every 710,000 people. So what the states do is try and make sure everyone living there take the census to possibly increase the number of districts they have. Each district is controlled by a member of the House of Representatives.
The problem with states practicing gerrymandering is that it doesn’t allow the minority party to ever be able to win some of the districts. This isn’t really how a democracy should work because it doesn’t promote democratic values in a democracy. But there are many types of gerrymandering that have different effects on the areas th...

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...are way bigger than others, like the 10th and 11th. This could be because of a variety of things, such as the bigger districts including areas of the state that are less densely populated, therefore needing a larger area to have population equality. Districts such as the 10th and 11th Congressional District are smaller because they are a part of one of the largest cities in Ohio, Cleveland. One of the requirements of each district is to have population equality.
The citizens are also affected because they have no control over redistricting practices. There is not any voting being done to let the people decide on the plan, or many citizens that assist with the redistricting process. The redistricting committee does everything involved with redrawing boundaries, ensuring population equality, and trying to make their party get more seats in the House of Representatives.

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