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Germline Engineering and Reprogenetic Technologies Essays

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Modern technologies are constantly advancing in a multitude of ways to the degree that scientists have gained enough knowledgeable about the human genome to be able to find specific genes during the embryonic stage of reproduction. Scientists have already begun to use this knowledge to allow parents the ability to select the sex of their child and screen for genetic diseases via preimplantation genetic diagnosis (PGD) with in vitro fertilization (IVF). Sex-selection has already created world-wide discussion regarding the ethics of such a situation. However, scientists are now looking toward germline engineering which will essentially allow parents to select and alter genetic traits of their children before implantation of the embryo into the female body. John Alan Cohan’s article, “Ethics of Genetic Enhancement” and Marcy Darnovsky’s “The Case Against Designer Babies: The Politics of Genetic Enhancement” disagree in their investigations of the ethicality of germline engineering to potentially “design” our future children to be more capable in every aspect.
Cohan’s investigation focuses primarily on the benefits of germline engineering, stating that reprogenetic technology would assist parents in providing their children with augmented lifespan and health, as well as an increase in the individual’s intellectuality and overall felicity. Darnovsky is aware that the technology could also help to prevent and withstand disease and assist in improving an individual’s body mass index. However, she believes the technology will require humans to reevaluate the core definition of a human as “genetically superior” children would grow to dominate the economic and social world. She also states that those who are financially inept won’t have ac...

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...lution, I find that using germline technology in babies for medical purposes can dramatically assist society with health issues without massive opposition. By proposing medical use, our future society can pursue goals beyond its current reach by eradicating the barricades that obstruct our economy from prosperity.

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