Germany's World War One Reparations Essays

Germany's World War One Reparations Essays

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World War I started on July 28, 1914, when Austria-Hungary declared war on Serbia. This ostensibly small dispute between two countries dispersed rapidly: soon thereafter, Russia,Germany, France, and Great Britain were all drawn into the war, for the most part because they were engaged in treaties that obligated them to fend for other nations. Western and eastern front line quickly opened along the borders of Austria-Hungary and Germany.
The inaugural month of battle consisted of audacious attacks and rapid troop movements on both front lines. In the west, Germany assailed first Belgium and then France. In the south, Austria-Hungary initiated an attack on Serbia. Succeeding the Battle of the Marne (September 5–9, 1914), the western front line became invulnerable in central France and persisted that way for the remaining of the war. In the east, Russia assailed both Austria-Hungary and Germany. The fronts in the east also gradually locked into position.In the late 1914, the Ottoman Empire was drawn into the fray also, after Germany tricked Russia into thinking that Turkey had attacke...

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