Germany And The Soviet Union

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units” who were responsible for going town to town, village to village, and cities to cities killing the Jews one by one with bullets. Germany made Axis alliance with Italy and Japan in august 1939 after they gained control of the majority of the European continent, this is when their neighbors, Poland, Romania, Finland and Baltic states were annexed and partitioned territories were created but only after several treaties and campaigns about East Africa, North Africa, battle of Britain and Atlantic battle among others, Europe invaded the Soviet union which led to “largest land theater of war in history” and resulted to trapping of the military axis force into “a war attrition” which led to attack of United States and European territories by Japan who quickly conquered the Western Pacific ocean . During the Second World War, Germany was one of the nations who were technically advanced in terms of military innovation. German had the economic capabilities to perform research both industrially and scientifically to support and innovate the military industry. By the late 1939, authorization of setting up concentration camps of all types was given. Jewish and non-Jewish detention camps and exchange camps were established. Transit camps were also established to facilitate the transfer of the prisoners to move them to regions that were “German occupied territories”, continued expansions were initiated that later led to establishment of extermination camps in 1942 in Poland and by late 1944, “special camps” were established to accommodate Hungarian Jews in Austria . A total of approximately 6 million Jews were killed in “concentrated camps” as a result of Hitler’s plan of “final solution” to eliminate the Jews who he believed were pos... ... middle of paper ... ... tension and hostility between the Allied powers. Berlin separated from Germany after the collapse of Germany in 1945.This led to division of Germany into four zones with superpowers controlling each zone after the break down of negotiations between soviet and western union in 1946. When western union introduced a new form of currency to western zones on 23rd June, 1948, Soviet unions imposed Berlin Blockade a day later due to fears of resulting combined powers of the three nations. The aim of the west was to revive German economy and unify the western zones. Germany later built the Berlin Wall which its purpose was to prevent its citizen from escaping to the west. This divided the country into eastern communism and western democracy. The Berlin Wall was the great division of Berlin which was made of barbed wire entanglements which stretched along thirty miles lines
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