Germany And The British Anglo Saxon Model Essay

Germany And The British Anglo Saxon Model Essay

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Germany has a very strong economy which makes them the most successful compared to any other country and the main contributing factor for this success is the German Mittelstand. The German Mittelstand consists of small to medium sized businesses which are mainly run by families with up to 500 employees (Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology, n.d.). Although many large companies can come under the category of a Mittelstand, as they adopt the same attitudes and follow the same principals, which means majority of German businesses are featured as a Mittelstand and they strive on this to keep their economy strong (Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology, n.d.). Due to most Mittelstand companies being run by families they take full ownership and control of all the decisions as well as all the risks, there is no separation and control, most German businesses are quite relational keeping close ties with their employees and the overall business (Make it in Germany, n.d.). This is quite different compared to the UK Anglo Saxon model, as it is less social and relational and focuses more on profit for their shareholders. One main key element of the German Mittelstand is that it is based on exports they export their goods globally making their role in the economy quite important, however they operate within a niche market which unfortunately leads to them being overlooked, which is why they are the hidden champions (Germany Trade and Invest, 2013). The German Mittelstand is important for Germany, as it upholds Germany’s economy and makes it successful, as figures state that it is accountable for 80% of German’s employees and makes up 99% of all German firms (Bremer, 2012).
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...of the Mittelstand and the vital role they play within Germany, there are many examples of Mittelstand companies that have been highlighted for their success such as the Micon. The Micon is a business with up to 60 employees they had a tool which was able to drill in to deep mines which could be used for rescues, the Micon was able to rescue 33 Chilean workers who were trapped in a Mine (Randow and Kirchfeld, 2010). The Micon is a highly successful company who focus on producing high tech quality products who specialise in manufacturing (Randow and Kirchfeld, 2010). This company helps account for all the successful Mittelstand companies by generating a lot of revnue from their exported goods. Another example of a successful Mittelstand company is Ulhamann is produces packaging for pharmaceutical machines, in fact it is the number one company doing this in the world (

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