Germany : A Country Of United Means Essay

Germany : A Country Of United Means Essay

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Ununited Germany
Seldom has Germany been a country of united means. Over two millenniums of German-speaking inhabitation in central Europe have been mainly divided into hundreds of states. Even the strong Republic of Roman rule could do little to unite what is known in present day as Germany. It wasn’t until the Holy Roman emperor Charlemagne had been crowned and ruled over many of present-day Western Europe did Germany’s existence even become symbolic.
Medieval Germany
Divided: An extraordinarily common theme Germany holds. Medieval Germany is no exception. During its medieval transformation, Germany had become overcome by an incessant series of wars among many of the local Kings and ruling bodies. During this era, Germany princes remained as divided as ever. The coming of the Protestant Reformation had done immense damage to what little unity there had been in Germany, that of its religion. This degree of religious separation unearthed the Thirty Years War which decimated the country at a level comparable to World War II.
Peace of Westphalia
The Peace of Westphalia ended the Thirty Years War and divided German-speaking Europe further – into over a hundred small states. Over the following couple of centuries the largest two of these states would fight for total domination. Austria and Prussia would war endlessly, occasionally attracting smaller states to join either sides depending on the local surroundings. Following the removal of invading French troupes, the German territory had dwindled to an abysmal 40 states.
Revolutions for Unification and Democracy
Following 1815, there was immense political pressure to create and strive for a unified Germany. Businessmen, students and politicians alike hailed for a unified set of gov...

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The Deutsche Bundesbank Commercial Banking Main Functions
The DB retains two main functions with regards to commercial banking: Supervision of banks, and a commercial banking clearing house. The DB regulates commercial banks together with a German financial regulatory team named the “Bundesanstalt fur Finanzdienstleistungsaufsicht”. As a clearing house, commercial banks use “refinancing instruments” to restructure and cover financial needs for central bank currency.
The Deutsche Bundesbank State Banking Main Functions
The DB provides customer services such as: accounts creation, and normalized banking services for governmental purposes (federal, states and local). However, due to the nature of these functions, the DB is not allowed to grant loans or credit of any type to the public sector and therefor all accounts must maintain a non-negative, non-zero balance.

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