Essay on German Museum: Art Over the Water

Essay on German Museum: Art Over the Water

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The museum, Kunst über der Wasser, translated from German as “Art Over the Water,” is located in Boppard, Germany along the Rhine River. With large open windows that flaunt the stunning landscape and steel accents representing the river’s current, Kunst über der Wasser extends over the Rhine River illuminating the emphasis on works of art that showcase Earth’s greatest feature, water. Curators will strive to use only natural lighting in the Kunst über der Wasser in order to achieve a relaxing nature-like feel to the museum. The entrance will be vast yet elegant with hues of greens, blues and turquoise to compliment the surrounding riverside town. As art enthusiasts venture deeper into the Kunst über der Wasser, they will be greeted with crystal glass flooring separating each room, looking down at the Rhine River.
Boppard is a quaint town nestled in Western Germany along the romantic Rhine River. Once a Roman Fort, Boppard is rich with 2,000 year-old history that is scattered throughout. Tourists and locals alike wander along the many walkways beside the Rhine as the warm sun kisses their cheeks and blossoms from ancient orchards dance in their hair. “The unforgettable hills and valleys, quiet lanes and lively squares {with a} wealth of nature and culture” is the perfect place for a dazzling art exhibit ("Welcome to Boppard").
The theme of Kunst über der Wasser is the everlasting livelihood, culture and recreation surrounding water. Boppard, Germany has proven its tender attachment with the Rhine River, making it its 766 mile long centerpiece for its tourism industry, including “ship companies that are responsible for a high number of international tourists,” restaurants, cathedrals, fortresses, and exquisite wineries that are sp...

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... about seeing a work of Claude Monet’s or Rembrandt’s right before their very eyes.

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