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Geriatric Specialist Social Workers : Resources Essay

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Geriatric Specialist Social Workers – Resources Available to Seniors in Orange County and Long Beach

The number of people retiring is increasing, due to the significant population known as the Baby Boomer generation. If you are the relative of a senior citizen in Orange County or Long Beach, you might have many questions related to helping your loved one manage the Golden Years. Retirement can be a wonderful time, but it may also be fraught with uncertainly in regard to living accommodations, meals, transportation, and health care. Some elders isolate themselves because they are not emotionally equipped to deal with their specific issues. Others may feel concerned about a perceived social stigma associated with growing older. Innumerable senior citizens simply may not know how to access basic resources in the community.

Fortunately, geriatric social workers and other industry professionals may offer a great deal of needed assistance. If you want to get help for your senior but must contend with a hectic schedule of your own, you can hire a caregiver from a licensed home care agency. You or the caregiver might arrange for your aging family member to consult trained professionals in the area – these people can help the senior in your life to make the best use of local resources. Neither you nor your elderly relative are alone in this process; qualified social workers and similar professionals are available throughout the Orange County and Long Beach areas.

Michael J. Demoratz

Mr. Demoratz is an experienced aging life care professional. He serves the Orange County senior population from his Tustin location. Along with his other qualifications (which include a PhD), Mr. Demoratz is an LCSW (Licensed Clinical Social Worker). He...

... middle of paper ...

... of the elderly.

Teresa Leleux

Ms. Leleux is a professional gerontologist located in Lake Forest; she has earned a dual Master’s Degree in both Gerontology and Health Care Administration. She has years of experience in the field, and she is qualified to guide your elder loved one through assessment and care plan management. Ms. Leleux is especially adept at helping seniors who suffer from dementia, repeated falls, and other aspects of declining health.

Orange County and Long Beach offer many resources to assist aging residents. If your elderly family member needs help in navigating the details of senior living, there are plenty of professionals in the area who can provide support. The first step is usually a consultation – so you, your senior relative, and a trained social worker or similar professional can assess the various needs of the elder in your life.

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