Geriatric Nurse Practitioners ( Gnps ) Provide Medical Services For Older Patients

Geriatric Nurse Practitioners ( Gnps ) Provide Medical Services For Older Patients

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Geriatric nurse practitioners (GNPs) provide medical services to older patients. They share skills common among all advanced nurse practitioners. Senior care institutions rely on GNPs to provide comprehensive healthcare services for aging patients. Geriatric nursing practitioners conduct physicals, evaluate well-being and devise care plans specifically for senior patients. They also consult with senior patients and their caregivers. GNPs also educate senior patients and their caregivers on matters regarding geriatric well-being. The National Gerontological Nursing Association organizes to promote improved patient outcomes standards for the senior population. This organization and geriatric professionals work together to produce positive patient outcomes among the senior population.

Delivering Heathcare to the Aging Population

Geriatric nurse practitioners provide healthcare for senior patients, delivering services such as diagnoses, examinations and prescriptions. [1] Depending on the setting, the medical community also recognizes the role as gerontological nurse practitioner or gerontological advanced practice nursing. The nursing professionals deliver primary healthcare services, while working closely with a geriatric physician. GNPs work with senior care homes, home health aide and hospice services. They perform annual checkups and screenings and identify sicknesses.

GNPs help elderly individuals manage pain and decide if exhibited symptoms require further study through testing. They manage unhealthy conditions by prescribing medication and therapy when appropriate. The GNP workday involves many tasks and typically follows a structured framework. These nurse practitioners spend much of their day working independently and dir...

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... senior patient population.

Geriatric nurse practitioners provide healthcare services to improve patient health. GNPs do this by utilizing many competencies common among advanced nurse practitioners. Caregiving institutions employ GNPs to maximize well-being among senior clients. Geriatric nurse practitioners accomplish this by monitoring, analyzing and treating condition common among aging patients. These professional also consult with the patients and their caregivers to develop and implements effective care plans. As the population continues to mature, the need for effective, qualified geriatric nurse practitioners will increase accordingly.





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