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Geriatric Health Care
Have you ever wondered, what will happen to you when you become older? Who is going to take care of you? Who will help you when you get sick? As chronic illnesses, memory loss, hearing loss, and other complications set in with age, you are worried who will take care of you? All of above are worries that elderly people face on a daily bases as they get older in the United States of America, today. Well, with the high increase of elderly visit in the United States, geriatric health care is a booming job and becoming a high demand job. So, no more worrying elderly! The new geriatric health care field is here and geriatric (LTC) nurses can take care of you today. The geriatric health care environment extends from home care to long term care facilities, and even hospitals. Therefore, the most important part of the geriatric health care field is the geriatric (LTC) nurse. The life of becoming part a geriatric nursing staff is a long process which includes education, prospective job outlooks, duties, responsibilities, teamwork, and communication.

Education is the number one aspect in receiving a nursing degree in the geriatric health care field. It will take 2-6 years of education, before becoming a member of the geriatric nursing staff, after the completion of high school. So, if you are interested in pursuing an occupation in geriatric health care it is helpful to start thinking about the steps that you will take after the completion of high school. According to Katy Katz (2013), prospective individuals that are planning on receiving a nursing degree in geriatrics should focus on the following:
(1) College
It is best, as prospective college student to completely analyze which college that best f...

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