Georgia 's Most Notable Theme Park Essay

Georgia 's Most Notable Theme Park Essay

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“Around came August”
Every year since I was a freshman in high school my family would all pack into our car and head to Six Flags for my father’s job. This was usually one day I could count on for unexpected entertainment. Each year was a new experience in the making because one year it may be sunny or one year it may rain, but HEY! Its Georgia weather what can you do about it?
Now let me take you back to my 10th grade year of high school, Its August, so the school year has barely set in. Yet my mind was already racing. It was time to go to Six Flags "Georgia’s most notable theme park". This year was nothing special though, because I planned on it being no different from any other time I went. I usually don’t do anything out of my comfort zone. My mission was to just chill, have fun, and socialize. I intended casually observing the park attendees because Six Flags draws in an array of different personalities. One thing I couldn’t do, though was listen to my Mom complain to my Dad that she’s ready to go, so I normally veered off to avoid hearing it. That usually led to me just wandering off and thinking about if I should’ve come in the first place, but what could I do turn down a great family experience?
The thing about me was that I looked forward to going to Six Flags for reasons different from most and that was the free food that I could consume at will; as a perk of my dad’s jobs so don’t go to Six Flags expecting free food. What most people expect to hear is me looking forward to riding the roller coasters. I hope that’s not what you thought because I hate them, maybe not hate, but really I’m just not a big fan of high altitudes in general. Consequently, this is why I was always reluctant to going with my family on this tri...

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...I was just chilling because I achieved what I wanted, but my friend didn’t let me off that easy, it was time to ride Goliath the biggest roller coaster they had to offer. In my head I knew there was no way I was going to ride that thing, but I humored my friend and walked all the way to the other side of the park to wait in line. After we wait for a little while it’s our time to get on and the first thing I did was walked off with my pride intact because I knew that I set goals for myself and I achieved them…plus I was scared. I eventually just spent my remaining time at the park playing arcade games you know the ones that they design for you to lose. This experience was good because now when I go to an amusement park I might beat you to the roller coasters. Just not Goliath. Moral of the story is never let anyone persuade you into doing what you don’t feel is right.

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