Essay on Georgia, Mississippi, South Carolina And Texas

Essay on Georgia, Mississippi, South Carolina And Texas

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States such as Georgia, Mississippi, South Carolina and Texas had many reasons to want to secede from the Union. Some of their reasons were similar and some were different. In the article, “The Declaration of Causes of Seceding States,” they give their reasons for wanting to leave the union. Some of the main reasons had to deal with, the Federal Government, the want to abolish slavery, and the presidential election.
Starting with Georgia they mention different reasons for wanting to secede from the Union and how they have had enough. The first reason that Georgia mentions is the Federal Government trying to weaken the South. In the article it states, “by the use of their power in the Federal Government gave striven to deprive us of any equal enjoyment of the common Territories of the Republic.” The South was big on wanting States rights and the North wanted a stronger Federal Government, so this caused contentions between the North and the South. The second reason Georgia gives is the Lincoln party or the Republican Party and those parties being anti-slavery. This impacted all the states that wanted to secede, because the South’s economy was fueled by slavery and was at a high point. In the article it says, “Anti-slavery is its mission and its purpose.” So the main reason that Georgia gives is that the North wants to abolish slavery. All this would allow the North to gain power and eventually be able to control the Government, which Georgia saw as a problem. These were the reason Georgia gave for wanting to secede.
Mississippi gives similar reasons as Georgia for wanting to secede from the Union. The first this Mississippi disagrees with is that the South is kept from half the land that is acquired from France, not only kep...

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... the compacts they had agreed on, every Southern State mentions the North not using the Fugitive Slave Law. The South wanted States Rights, they wanted to be able to govern their own states and not be controlled by the Federal Government, states such as South Carolina was more worried about this than slavery. But slavery was the biggest reason that each state agreed on and gave for wanting to secede from the Union.
This article, “The Declaration of Causes of Seceding States,” gives the different reason that the states, Georgia Mississippi, South Carolina and Texas all give for wanting to secede from the Union. They are very similar in reasons and believed these reason were good enough to leave and create their own government. Reasons dealing with the Federal Government, slavery, and Presidential elections are some of the reason these states make this drastic move.

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