George Washington : The Greatest Important Figure Of All Of American History

George Washington : The Greatest Important Figure Of All Of American History

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George Washington
George Washington is arguably the single most important figure in all of American history. As the first President of this nation, he set the stage for what the public head was supposed to act like and do as well as established many rules for a lot of the ideology that America has today. Historians believe that he is the major reason all of the American presidents prior to Franklin Delano Roosevelt only served for two terms and the reason they did a lot of what they did publically in the sight of America. Today, everyone in the world knows the name George Washington and knows what he’s done to create the world everyone lives in today. He kept America from becoming another monarch and brought it to eventually be a great power of this world.
Coming off of a war with Britain and newfound independence, America still was unsure of what would happen next. They’d elected Washington, but were unsure still of what he would do and what he would bring to their new nation. Having come from a monarchy, they didn’t really want him to take the place of the king, and even though tha...

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