Essay on George Washington : The First President

Essay on George Washington : The First President

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Many know George Washington for his debut as the first president, but little know the history behind George Washington’s childhood, and some of the things that influenced him to make the decisions he did. He served in several positions, even refusing payment for some of his roles, and even contributed some of his own funds to help the national budget.
What was life like for George growing up?
Many people have heard of Wakefield, but not everyone knew that it was actually located in Virginia. George Washington was born on February 22, 1732 in a small town in Virginia. His father, Augustine Washington, was a very successful business man, who had already been married once when he met George’s mother Mary in 1731. George was the first of six children for Mary, and the third of nine children for Augustine. George was homeschooled for most of his childhood, and was brought up with very good morals. All of his brothers and sisters all survived into adulthood, which was not a normality back then.
Many know of his father’s beloved cherry tree that George Washington supposedly cut down in his youth. George was known for his honesty, as he openly admitted to cutting down the tree with his new hatchet. When George was just a mere 11 years old, his father passed away suddenly. Luckily, George had a half brother named Lawrence who was of age to offer him advice, and help him get through the tough times of his father’s passing. Lawrence’s wife Anne was able to school George and give him more than the necessary schooling. She came from a very strong and educated family.
At the young age of sixteen, George felt like he had received a sufficient amount of schooling, so he decided to try and find a trade. Because his brother was married to Ann...

... middle of paper ... issued a span of ten days where the citizens were to mourn his death. He was described in the highest honors all over the world. He was praised for his leadership and witty instincts which led the Americas to several victories. He is still commemorated for these same qualities today.
George Washington dealt with much heartbreak and disappointment in his life. He never let it affect the job that he did. George Washington’s work ethic was noticed by congress and the government. From the time he was a boy, those values of honesty and integrity were always portrayed from him. Following presidents in the years after Washington took hold of his actions and let his experience guide them in future decisions against France and other issues. George Washington lived a very productive and historical life. His legacy will continue to live on in the United States.

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