George Washington And The American Revolutionary War Essay

George Washington And The American Revolutionary War Essay

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In May 1775 the second Continental Congress is meeting and the American Revolutionary War has already begun. The congress needed to get organized and fast. The militia’s that were fighting the war were very unorganized even though they were holding their own so early on in the war. John Adams proposed that the army that was outside of Boston be named the Continental Army and just five days later they had their general to lead that army. There was really only one choice as who to choose for the position and he was already there at the congressional meeting and his name was George Washington. Washington had experience in military leadership, he was among the top social elite in the colonies and he was a patriot. Those were the main things that made him a great fit for General. Another very important reason that he was chosen was because he was from the South and the delegates from the North knew they need the South to win the war. Making George Washington Commander in Chief was not only the best option to lead the Continental Army, but he was their only hope.

Washington was one of the only people at the Continental Congress who actually had experience in military leadership. It was just 21 years before that he was fighting alongside the British in the French and Indian War. He so badly wanted to be an officer within the British Royal Army but the Royal Army did not let people that were not English become an officer. This really dug into Washington because he, along with most of the people in the colonies thought that they were British and they were proud to be British. They were not treated as so and the French and Indian War was an instance where you can look to that the British did not think of the colonists as British. Alan Tay...

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...war although he had no intentions to lead the army. John Adams nominated Washington for the job of General and Commander-In-Chief of the Continental Army. He was the most qualified delegate there to assume this role and there was no competition for the job and because of that the nomination by Adams was passed. Two weeks later on 3 July 1775, General Washington met his new army that gathered in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Washington was the consensus number one pick for Commander in chief and General because of his prior military experience, his prominence as a one of the wealthiest men in Virginia and his love for liberty. He faced so much adversity during the French and Indian War that helped him learn how to lead an army. He made the decision to marry Martha that gave him the resources to build up his so called “brand” and when it was time for action he was ready.

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