Essay about George Washington And The American Revolution

Essay about George Washington And The American Revolution

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George Washington has established a country that has now lasted longer than any republic to ever exist. He led the American Revolution when he was very young served as the president of the United States of America for the first 8 years of the nation’s existence which lasted from 1789 to 1797 ("George Washington." George Washington is seen as one of USA’s national treasurers because of the significant changes he made to the nation through his presidency and military career.
George Washington was born on February 22, 1732 in Westmoreland County, Virginia("George Washington." He was the first child and was born to a poor family ("George Washington." UXL Biographies.). According to an article from, his parents’ names were Augustine Washington and Mary Ball Washington. During his young life he received a modicum of formal education, but still prospered as a military and political leader in the future ("George Washington."
Washington gained knowledge and experience from early exposure to military life which assisted him in leading the Continental Army to victory and helping America gain independence from Britain. George Washington received early military experience when he was handed the military post of his half-brother who passed away ("George Washington." UXL Biographies.). There he began his magnificent military career. His military skills were so superb that he was sent him to fight in the French and Indian War by the the governor of Virginia ("George Washington." UXL Biographies.). He was given the job to lead a 400-men army in the war and to protect Americans from the Native American tribes that were allied with the French ("George Washington." UXL Biographies.). During this war, Washin...

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...heir borders to show that the US was now independent and could not have an influence by other countries. This is important today because we are not relying on other countries to survive. Washington’s presidency set the tone for the rest of the presidents who came into office. He lit the path for the young country to begin its life and still stands today because of his decisions he made when he was the president of the USA.
George Washington’s contributions to USA shaped the way it is now. His early exposure to the military paid off during the American Revolution where he displayed his fabulous combat and leadership skills. His eight years of presidency created a pathway from which America could spring off of. All of Washington’s life was spent on bettering The United States of America as a country. Washington should be given the title a catalyst of change for his ---

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