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George Wallace: American Independent Essay

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Voting for president of the United States is a very big concern. Americans vote for their president elect on several different categories, campaign platform, personal beliefs, Democrat or Republican Party, and in the earlier years, whether they were from the North or the South. One such person was George C. Wallace. Wallace campaigned in favor of segregation, but was he really for segregation, or did he just believe that the government was stepping on state’s rights?
Wallace attended the University of Alabama in 1942, and graduated with his law degree. After attending law school, Wallace aspired as a politician. In 1946 he ran as a moderate Democrat, and was elected as the state representative of Barbour County. (Riechers, 2003)
After having served as a state representative, in 1952, the city of Clayton elected him as circuit court judge. (Riechers, 2003) It should be noted that while he was judge, Wallace was quite lenient towards the poor and the black man. In 1958 Wallace ran in his first gubernatorial race. Although he supported segregation, he also had support from the NAACP. He would be defeated by John Patterson whose campaign “was openly racist and played into the fears of white Southerners.” (Riechers, 2003)
After the race in 1958, Wallace changed his platform, he was still for segregation, but he did not want the blacks to be able to vote. He believed that the federal government was intruding on state rights, when they were trying to register blacks for voting. When an investigation ensued into voter discrimination against blacks in his district, Wallace refused to allow the federal government access to the records. This was his first act against the federal government for their intrusiveness into state...

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