George Orwell 's Themes Of Power, Totalitarianism And Leadership Essay

George Orwell 's Themes Of Power, Totalitarianism And Leadership Essay

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“When I sit down to write a book, I do not say to myself ‘I am going to produce a work of art.’ I write because there is some lie I want to expose and some fact I want to draw attention to…”
George Orwell investigated themes of power, totalitarianism and leadership in relation to Marxist theories throughout his novels yet seemed to direct them at a range of audiences. Investigate the extent to which Orwell alters his communication of the lies he wishes to expose and how they are conveyed to the reader through literary devices.
Literature is an essential part of society in the present day and enables the communication between multiple parties in a written form. Texts can provide a vast knowledge on subjects dependent on content whereas novels are often seen as being purely for leisure and enjoyment. However it can often be seen that prose consists of a wide array of factors that relate to historical events and can be used to inform and express feelings towards a topic. George Orwell stated that he would often write “because there is some lie that I want to expose” (Orwell, Why I write, 1946) and indicated this through his novels. Animal Farm and 1984 are just two of Orwell’s most prolific texts and depicted his desire to communicate a world of conflict and corruption to the reader. I many ways, the two texts contain definite similarities of themes and conflict, yet Orwell directed his communication of his novels to opposing readers. This essay will investigate the ways that Orwell communicates the exposure of lies across two novels and how they differ dependent on the intended reader.
Animal farm is a satirical novella that was first published in 1945. The narrative follows a collection of farm animals and their desire to achieve ...

... middle of paper ... the corruption of leadership that leads Winston to acknowledge that “He had won the victory over himself” (Orwell, 1949, 1984). Having been released in 1949, the futuristic setting resembles that of a warning and communicates his protest against totalitarianism through the use of negative terminology. Orwell uses graphic imagery rather than an allegorical context of a certain event to leave the novel open to interpretation for more mature readers as opposed to the satirical nature of Animal Farm.
Throughout Orwell’s work he acknowledges the intended audience and uses a range of literary techniques to expose the lies he wishes to unveil. Directing his novels towards different audiences enables Orwell to show that the outcome of a totalitarian society will affect everyone regardless of age and gender, therefore increasing the significance to his target audience.

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