George Orwell 's Butterfly, A Doll House, And A Streetcar Named Desire Essay

George Orwell 's Butterfly, A Doll House, And A Streetcar Named Desire Essay

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Before this assignment and when I first read Fences, M. Butterfly, A Doll House, A Streetcar Named Desire, and even Death of a Salesman, Trifles, and Oedipus the King I picked up on something that each novel shared. I noticed in each story there was love between a couple. This love however that I interpreted was fake to me. The couples did love each other dearly at some point of time but there was a very strong flaw in each love that manipulated them. The love controlled them to do and believe things that they shouldn’t do. This intangible element controlled their destinies and even controls people’s lives today. I will be comparing and explaining Fences, M. Butterfly, A Doll House, and A Streetcar Named Desire in depth about love and how it affected the characters in each play.
The first play that I will be going over is Fences. Troy and Rose is an African American couple living around Pittsburgh in 1957. Troy was a baseball star in the Negro Leagues. He is a hard-working and assertive man who often lacks showing his love and affection for his wife and son. Rose is more caring and realistic. Troy always started the arguments in the house from his ambitions creating illusions and a fantasy. He made the decisions in the house from his own philosophy and couldn’t accept other’s opinions. When Troy’s son Cory was getting recruited to play college football Troy did not care what Cory thought and he made the decision for his son. “I don’t care what nobody else say. I’m the boss… you understand? I’m the boss around here. I do the only saying that counts (Pg. 1636 Line 155).” Troy’s harsh demands to his son and wife made the family distant. Rose even wanted the two boys to work on the fence outside in the yard because...

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.... Stella was confused by all of the nasty lies that Stanley told and he would always be sexual to his wife, which kept her around. Because Stanley was sexual and could easily trick people he kept Stella around and Blanche away. Stanley cheated on his wife by raping his wife’s sister. This is not love. Stella fell for the trickery and illusion that Stanley set.
As you can see these novels illustrate an insincere love that is imitated into a fantasy of genuine love. All of these couple’s relationships were a lie and were covered in misconception. It lead to hatred, abandonment, independence, a learning experience, jail sentencing, cheating, and even death. Love is something so strong that is in our minds that may lead us into misconception. As you can see from these four plays the broken love of the couples affected their destinies mostly in a negative way.

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