George Orwell Biography

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Eric Arthur Blair was born on June 25, 1903 and from the start, he was a very pragmatic boy. born in India from a family that was considered upper class, he was able to observe plenty of poverty around him and the way the British enforced Imperialism on the Indians. At a young age his mother and two sisters moved back to England in seek of a quieter life. Blair was always good at school and earned a scholarship to Eton College, a prestigious British School. After his studies, his family could not afford a University so he went back to India to become part of the Indian Imperial Police. He had bad experiences as a policeman and he grew to hate Imperialism so he moved back to England in hope of becoming a freelance writer. It was in this period that he adopted the Pen name George Orwell, no one really knows why he changed his name. In December 1936 he grew tired of writing and decided to spice up his life by joining the Spanish Civil war as a militia man. In this war he joined the rebels and fought hard against the Spanish communist government but unfortunately got shot in the neck and grew a strong hatred for the communist government and turned Anti- Stalin. All these experiences had serious impact on his life and changed his idea of belief. While in the Indian Imperial Police he saw the harsh true reality of Imperialism so he became anti- Imperialist. While fighting In spain, his grim experiences led to him hating communism and Stalin. Orwell’s response to the British Occupation of India led to the novel Burmese days, a book about denouncing Imperialism. In response to Orwell’s experiences of communism and, he wrote the book Animal Farm which is an allegory to the events of the Russian Revolution In which the working animals are poor and the leaders are pigs who gloat in vanity.
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