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“No, I believe it. I know that you will fail. There is something in the universe--I don 't know, some spirit, some principle--that you will never overcome" (Orwell 269-70). Winton had explained this O’Brein after getting caught committing multiple crimes by the Party. Winton emphasized that the Party will fail. Failure will occur by the power of something in the universe, something Winston is unsure of but believes in. He believes there is some spirit, some principle that the Party will never overcome. “1984” by George Orwell and “Little Brother” by Cory Doctorow, both disprove Winton’s claim concerning some principle or spirit that the Party will never overcome.
“1984,” described a government that did not provide room for failure. Oceania is under the rule of Big Brother and the Party, a totalitarian government. The immense control the government had on the people of Oceania proves that spirit or principle Winton is referring to simply does not apply. Big Brother and the Party overcame whatever obstacle or rebellion Winston committed. For starters, the government controls all aspect of their people’s lives. For example, telescreens were hidden throughout Oceania, which allowed for the Party to monitor the people and their every move. Children were turned into junior spies and were responsible for turning in their parents or any adults they felt were committing any crimes against the Party. The government had power over divorce, marriage, and the people’s sex lives. Sex was no longer for pleasure, but the goal was to make Party members, not additional individuals. Most importantly, the government had the authority to rewrite history. Newspeak, another implementation that narrowed in on the language making it impossible to commi...

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... freed. Marcus still had to go to trial. The Homeland Security may have been defeated, but the impact and toll it took on Marcus and those very close to him will remain. The life Marcus fought against did not fail, there was no spirit or principle it could not overcome.
In both “1984” and “Little Brother,” the main characters attempted to fight against a government they believed were cruel and unjust. Winston found it very difficult to give into the Party and allow for such control of this life. Marcus could not sit and watch the constitution being ripped to pieces right before his eyes in response to a bombing. Winton believed in a spirit or principle his government could not overcome, which will lead to failure. Both stories show that this spirit did not come into existence. Both characters we changed at the end, the impact of the government will not be overcome.

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