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There are many things in life that can help get a point across, but nothing can quite compare to the way art does. Art can display so many emotions, stories, and an overall feelings with nothing but a simple picture. George Lopez discusses art and how it imitates real life. This statement can sometimes be true, to a certain extent. Through art, there are so many expressions and feelings to be heard. Art can say a lot without saying anything at all. Typically, art likes to lean toward an extreme for every genre. Like discussed in the documentary “George Lopez: Brown is the New Green”, George Lopez brings up the point that he believes the establishment should change its marketing technique toward Latinos, so that it has a more of a realistic viewpoint. One of the professional advertisers, says “we will see which is still around in the coming years”, suggesting that his viewpoint and the new cultural changes are merely a fad and there is no need to change his marketing approach. His faith in the formula is a representation of the industry and what has always worked in the past. Only very few networks, even try to address the mostly untapped market. Although it would be ideal to appeal to one culture, it can be a difficult change. But, there is a shift in the consumption of culture of the Hispanic Americans, most of which consume entertainment from both cultures. This can be shown in the immense popularity and longevity of shows such as: George Lopez and the reboot of the Hispanic classic “Betty la fea” (Ugly Betty). Both of these shows display Hispanic heritage and the average daily life within society.
We often view comedies as something that can be humorous and entertaining but do not think about the offensive behavior that can al...

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...g their ways to try to fit into society better. The documentary is full of evidence that supports this conclusion as each of them tell stories about how they consume culture from English and Spanish networks. With shows available in different languages it allows people from different backgrounds to try to learn and adapt to what they are experiencing. Diversity brings people together and makes it an easier transition to new situations. Now more networks are starting to recognize this with the implementation of more Hispanic oriented entertainment and entertainers becoming more prevalent in that culture. Even though we are coming together and trying to connect all of the pieces, there is still a focus on individuality and having a cultural identity. By this, people still prefer to be labeled as their family’s culture and the country of which they have originated from.

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