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Mary Ann Evans was a talented Victorian writer who lived a controversial and unconventional life. Many of the choices she made shocked many people. She became an accomplished author with the pen name George Eliot. Her novels deal with issues of social change and triumphs of the heart. They show the depth and scope of English life. Many of her novels are included in the Cannon of Classic Nineteenth Century Literary Works. Silas Marner was based on a childhood memory of a linen-weaver. The novel contrasts the evils of modern society with the values of a simple rural life. It shows how goodness is rewarded and evil is not. Silas Marner is a linen-weaver who lives in a remote village. The people of the town made fun of him. Silas had been falsely accused of stealing money. He started to care more about the gold he earned from weaving than about God and society. Silas was robbed of all his gold. When a woman named Molly Farren collapsed and dies in the snow, her daughter wandered in to Silas’ cottage. Silas thought that the girl was his dead sister who came back to life. He took in the orphan girl and named her Eppie after his dead sister. Eppie became more precious than the stolen gold. The villagers were pleased that Silas adopted the girl and forgave his past life. Eppie’s real father, Godfrey Cass was secretly married to Molly Farren. He tried to adopt Eppie after Molly’s death. His new wife Nancy rejected the idea of adopting Eppie, so Eppie continued to live happily with Silas. Silas continues to raise Eppie and remains happy. Eventually, Eppie married Aaron Winthrop, who included Silas as part of the household. Mary Ann Evans was a woman who was defined by both society and her family. She overcame many ob...

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