Essay about George Dickens 's Fairy Tales

Essay about George Dickens 's Fairy Tales

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Growing up, all of us probably have read fairy tales where there is a stepmother who is seen as a witch for treating her stepdaughter so poorly. We associate the stepmother with ideas of evil. When many of us hear of the words black, cold, jealousy and evil we often times think of stepmothers from fairy tales who devised plans in order to stop their stepdaughters from gaining anything. These arrogant stepmothers have different moods relating to the setting and symbols, they have developed the idea of dramatic irony and also have their own point of view for their actions throughout different fairy tales.
The types of moods that go along with a character such as the evil stepmother is shown in these fairy tales. In the version of the Grimms Brothers of Snow White, when the mirror tells the stepmother the truth about how Snow White is more fair than she is, her reaction shifts. The author says, "...she trembled and turned green with envy. From that moment on, she hated Snow White, and whenever she set eyes on her, her heart turned as cold as stone. Envy and pride grew like weeds in her heart" (Grimm, 84). The mood for the stepmother is being set when she reacts to what the mirror tells her. The mirror acts as an gateway to her feelings and allows the stepmothers intentions to be seen clearly based on her reaction to the mirror. Feeling of jealousy evident. Jealousy can easily be seen because she immediately gets angry and her expression is very distraught and anxious as if she is not at peace. When it talks about her heart turning cold like a stone and her trembling that is because she fears that Snow White will take her place as the most beautiful in the land. The queen later talks about, "Take the child out into the forest..." (Gr...

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... as pretty while the other addressed as ugly. Any mother cannot tolerate the consistent rejections of proposals that Pock Face got. Therefore the stepmother took this step and chose Pock Face over Beauty in everything.
Stepmothers are seen as negativity in fairy tales but after interpreting stepmothers in various ways I have come to conclude stepmothers allow for fairy tales to have great content. The stepmother allows the story to be understood with the kinds of objects and settings correlating with her emotions, dramatic irony being displayed, and her point of view. An understanding of a character in depth like this can allow one to understand other thoughts and ideas being displayed by the author. This is a necessary attribute for any story in order to understand the central characters and interpret them to allow for a much more thoughtful understanding.

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