Essay on George Churchill 's Success During World War II

Essay on George Churchill 's Success During World War II

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When the name Winton Churchill is mentioned the name is often associated with his successes during World War II. Yet, when the name Adolf Hitler is mentioned the name is often associated with the terror he brought during World War II. Churchill represents the good in World War II and Hitler represents the evil in World War II. Why the two men are different in many ways they also have many similarities before there Rise to Power as well as during, the two men shared a passion for the arts, for public speaking and for the Military.
Churchill is often associated with war, however he is also known for his passion for painting and his writing. Churchill began painting shortly after World War I due to the trauma of a failed battle. From that moment, Churchill became an avid painter, often carrying around a paint box everywhere he went. Churchill said, “ If it weren’t for painting I could not live. I couldn’t bear the strain of things.” Churchill was known for being a hard person to work alongside, yet when he was painting it transformed him into a completely different person. Besides painting, writing is what helped Churchill launch the beginning of his political career. During the Boer War, a war between Dutch and British Settlers in South Africa, Churchill wrote of his experience of being captured by the enemy soldiers. Churchill managed to escape and upon his arrival he was named a hero. He was then later elected to Parliament.
Churchill’s speeches are often quoted in more modern times; however his skills weren’t as universally acclaimed as they are today. To the people his speeches motived them, to parliament they were seen as second rate. It wasn’t until later in life that his skills were truly seen as great. Churchill’s gre...

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The Military wasn’t Hitler’s first idea for a career, yet after his failed art career the Military was his second option. Hitler chose not to join the Austrian army; instead he moved to Germany and enlisted. Hitler was rewarded during World War I by receiving the first and second class Iron Cross. Germany’s defeat caused his desire to bring change to Germany. During Hitler’s reign of power he often wore military clothing, just as Churchill did.
Both Hitler and Churchill had different political beliefs yet it was their passions that made them oddly similar. Both men had an extensive passion for the arts, one that played a pivotal role in their lives. They also shared a great deal of oratal skills, both men were able to persuade and share their beliefs through their speeches. Churchill and Hitler both had an extensive background and were World War I veterans.  

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