George Armstrong Custer: Respected General or Civil War Embarrassment? Essay

George Armstrong Custer: Respected General or Civil War Embarrassment? Essay

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How would you feel if you were the person that lead 231 men to their deaths?(George Custer) My guess would be pretty horrible. Well, there is one man in history that did just that and his name was George Armstrong Custer. What do you think: respectable man of war or an embarrassment to the civil war heros?
George Armstrong Custer was born on the fifth of December in the year 1839 in New Rumley, Ohio. He grew up in Harrison County with his siblings and proud parents, Emanuel Custer and Maria Ward Kirkpatrick.(George A. Custer) The family consisted of George born in 1839, Nevin born in 1843, Thomas in 1845, Boston in 1848, and little Margaret in 1852.(Kent) Since George or “Autie” as they called him, was the oldest he often helped his father when he worked in the blacksmith shop and on their farm.(Kent) Family stories were told about Emanuel being in a local militia group. Like his father, George strove to be a soldier in the U.S. army because his family couldn’t afford his former goal of becoming a lawyer. He even started dressing in small soldier uniforms at the age of four.(McNamara) Little did he know he would later have his dreams become a reality and become one of the most accomplished United States generals of all time.
Custer spent his early years in New Rumley’s schoolhouse. His teachers and classmates found his intelligent, but felt he didn’t live up to his full potential because he rarely put forth his best effort in class and when doing his homework. Instead of doing his work he would often play pranks and joke around. George was looked upon as the class clown and people came to him for a good laugh. Custer hid nothing in his nature. He was kind and generous to his friends; bitter towards his enem...

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