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Geometry in Art Essay

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Geometry in Art
Most of the art that we see today uses some form of geometry. Sometimes we can visually see the shapes and other times we can’t. If we didn’t have geometry the art of today would be flat and scattered, making it unpleasing to look at. Due to the great works of Brunelleschi and Leonardo da Vinci the concepts of linear perspective and geometry were brought into art and resulted in geometry continuing in our art today.
Filippo Brunelleschi was a “trained goldsmith who, in 1420, changed the course of the artistic renaissance in Florence in two large ways” (“BRUNELLESCHI and the Re-Discovery of Linear Perspective”). The first way that Filippo changed art history is when he “designed and oversaw the construction of the red dome that was on top of the Florence Cathedral” and the second was when he “re-discovered linear perspective” (“BRUNELLESCHI and the Re-Discovery of Linear Perspective”). Re-discovering linear perspective was so important because the “early Renaissance painters didn’t know how to paint an image that didn’t look flat” (“BRUNELLESCHI and the Re-Discovery of Linear Perspective”). “Only the Greeks and the Romans had special depth in art figured out. They understood how to create an image with convincing depth and a painted or sculpted illusion of 3 dimensional space” (“BRUNELLESCHI and the Re-Discovery of Linear Perspective”). The artists knew that they “didn’t know how to create convincing depth in a painting, and were working hard to develop a system of perspective” (“BRUNELLESCHI and the Re-Discovery of Linear Perspective”). An example of their work before Brunelleschi’s re-discovery of perspective is shown in Figure 3. In this picture the background and people all look like they are the same distance...

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